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Gaga debuts flying frock

Lady Gaga showed off her flying dress Volantis at her ARTPOP launch party over the weekend.

The American singer held her artRAVE bash in celebration of her record ARTPOP at the Brooklyn Navy Yard building in New York.

Taking things to another level, Gaga wore a gravity-defying battery-powered outfit during the event. Made up of six booms - floating barriers - in a hexagon formation the contraption lifted her up into the air as onlookers gasped in awe.

The dress also featured a white female silhouette which acted as a fibre optic body piece.

Making reference to words Neil Armstrong said when he was the first man to walk on the moon, Gaga shared her thoughts on the bizarre dress - nicknamed Volantis.

"[This] may be a small step for Volantis, [but] a big-time step [for Lady Gaga].

"Volantis is essentially a vehicle. I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world," she explained.

"Their minds are just so boundless. They're just so inspiring."

Gaga wore a black leotard underneath the body piece and a helmet before being lifted into the air by a technician.

The 27-year-old star managed to rise about 70 inches into the air and hopes to go higher in future.

It wasn't just her flying dress which she impressed with on Sunday evening.

Before the party, Gaga wore a black, out-of-this-world number. In towering heels she donned a lace dress with black rubber covering her modesty, along with a short blonde wig and black alien-inspired headpiece.

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