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Gaga goes makeup free

Lady Gaga has stripped back her usual look to post a makeup free selfie for her fans on Instagram.

The 28-year-old singer is famous for her outrageous ensembles and usually goes overboard with the cosmetics to complement her look.

But on Thursday, Gaga treated her followers on Instagram to a shot of herself showing off her flawless complexion.

Alongside the picture, which also appeared to show her topless with just a bed sheet concealing her modesty, Gaga wrote: “Basically I can't sleep without every single song I'm writing repeating endlessly, but I'm loving it again.

“Embracing the torture, as I'm assaulted by my own thoughts. Like a locust giving birth to earworms. Eeeeew!”

Gaga has certainly been delighting her Instagram fans with saucy pictures over the past week.

On Tuesday, Gaga shared a shot of herself indulging in a Bikram yoga session.

Wearing just a pair of leopard-print knickers and a black bra, Gaga shows off her toned physique as she leans over into a yoga pose.

“Starting my day off feeling strong, gotta sweat out the whiskey from last nights jam session,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Gaga has been keeping her followers updated on the progress of her new material.

“Song after song after song,” Gaga wrote. “I could write for hundreds of years in a passionate romance with music. But what a torturous exercise, to be great at making noise you must also master silence.”

It was recently reported that Gaga’s new album, which follows her latest offering ARTPOP, will be released in late 2015 or early 2016.

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