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Gaga ‘wants to feel punk with her brows’

Lady Gaga’s brow specialist has praised the singer’s ability to embrace her unconventional beauty.

The 29-year-old singer is famous for her quirky sense of style. But she also experiments with the unconventional when it comes to her cosmetic choices.

Gaga’s brow specialist Sarah Tanno has been working with the Bad Romance singer over the years, and consistently comes up with new ways to dress up her brows.

"[Gaga's] unhappy with conventional beauty," Sarah told Refinery 29. "She doesn't like things to be perfectly pretty all the time—she likes to feel a little like a punk. She's rebellious, so a lot of times, if I do something really pretty, she'll want to f**k it up."

Thanks to stars including Cara Delevingne, the thick, bold brow is currently the trendiest look around.

So Sarah has her work cut out for her as she tries to come up with new ideas of how to make brows stand out.

"In the age where everything is about a big, bold, beautiful brow—we kind of [want] to do the opposite," she said.

Gaga’s most famous brow looks include dyeing them red and having them weaved with pearls.

And now Sarah is giving Gaga’s Little Monsters the chance to emulate their idol after releasing her new line of eyebrow jewellery, in conjunction with Face Lace and A-Morir Eyewear.

The range includes crystals and spikes for brows, and Sarah thinks unique ideas for how to dress up the face are getting increasingly adventurous.

"We wanted to do something more elevated—the eyebrow should be celebrated; it should be the new eyeliner," she concluded.

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