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Gaga wins over fans with ladylike look

Lady Gaga has decided having a "ladylike" makeover is the best way to shock people.

The singer loves wearing flamboyant outfits, previously donning a dress made of meat for an awards ceremony. Although she still loves her eccentric outfits the star has reportedly decided to look more demure lately. She's been seen out in knee-length dresses and has developed a fondness for Versace, which is all part of her fashion master plan.

"Gaga has her finger on the pulse, and she could sense that her crazy outfits no longer had the shock factor that they did before," a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine. "She knew she had to go back to basics because the idea of her looking beautiful and ladylike was likely to be more shocking than anything else."

Gaga's decision to overhaul her image has caused many to say she's been inspired by Donatella Versace. The two women look alike, and Gaga is known to be a fan of Donatella's work.

Earlier this year she vowed to wear nothing but Versace for two months after being allowed into the label's archive. Donatella was equally as glowing about the musician.

"Gaga has become good friends with Donatella, and they have bonded over their shared love of fashion and Italian roots," another insider explained. "Her latest incarnation is more like a tribute to her friend in recognition of the deep impact she has had on the fashion world over the years."

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