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Gal Gadot: Gucci is for fierce women

Gal Gadot has explained why she was so excited to team up with Gucci for a fragrance campaign.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Gal Gadot was determined to show the "fierce and stronger" side of women in her Gucci Bamboo fragrance campaign.

The 30-year-old actress is the face of the fashion house's perfume and she appears in a campaign video for it. It was directed by Fabien Baron and Gal plays a self-assured woman, something she was thrilled with when she heard about it.

"When we had our creative calls about the campaign, I was really, really happy; because this is something that's really important for me to show," she told "A lot of the time we see the weaker side of women in films, and women are really awesome and amazing. Women are so much more than what people get to see out of us on the screen. So getting to show the more fierce and stronger side of women is what I love to do, and that's why when Gucci approached me and told me all about it I was like - LET'S DO IT."

Gal is especially proud of the finished result because there is more than a little of her personality in it. While she loves fashion and make-up she isn't an overly girly girl, so she hopes to show young people that you can be feminine yet strong.

This is also shown in her choice of exercise - Gal ditches arduous treadmill sessions in favour of something which lets her release some aggression.

"I like to do kick boxing, and music has a lot of influence," she said. "I like crazy, I can literally go crazy boxing listening to The Matrix soundtrack - random I know, but it gets me into the mood!"

Gal also opened up about the secret to her confidence. She likens herself to a horse because she always has her eyes glued to her own path, rather than trying to look at what others are doing. This means she doesn't feel envious or compare herself to people, something she hopes others can try.

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