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Gal Gadot serious about skincare

Gal Gadot has revealed the secret to her glowing skin.

The Israeli actress has barely a wrinkle at 30 and always glows when she's promoting films on the red carpet. Taking care of her skin is top of her beauty list and the star revealed her routine to fans.

"I visit a specialist in Tel Aviv every two months; she mixes my creams for me," Gal explained to German magazine Jolie. "She is 70 years old and has been doing this job her whole life, she's a brilliant woman.

"I also make sure I never wear make-up to bed and am very pernickety about applying cream, drinking water and using sunscreen. It makes a huge difference. Especially because I'm in Los Angeles a lot, where the sun is relentless."

But it's not just Gal's skin that's a cause of envy for many women; she also has a stunning figure, which she shows off as Wonder Woman on screen. She thanks an active childhood for her fitness levels now.

"I've always been very sporty," she explained. "My mother is a gymnastics teacher, so as a child I was always on the go. I danced for 12 years and wanted to be a choreographer, which didn't work out. Besides dance I also played basketball, volleyball, tennis and dodgeball. Eight of my fingers have been broken at least once..."

It's made the training as Wonder Woman that much easier and while Gal says it's no walk in the park, she loves working out for the role.

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