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Gal Gadot’s slim-line pregnancy

Gal Gadot feels very lucky to have gained very little weight during pregnancy.

The actress, who has been cast as Wonder Woman, has three-year-old daughter Alma with her husband Yaron Varsano. She barely showed during her first two trimesters and therefore didn't struggle to ping back into shape after giving birth.

"Because my baby bump only started showing in the sixth or seventh month, Yaron kept joking that the baby must be standing upright and that's why I was so slim!" Gal laughed to German magazine Jolie.

"But seriously: I was just very lucky. And that despite loving to cook and eat."

The 30-year-old always makes nutritious meals, so that's no doubt one of the reasons she didn't see the pounds pile on. Among her favourite ingredients are chicken, fish and vegetables.

Now that little Alma is here, she's already taking tips from her gorgeous mother and is always begging to do her make-up when she sees Gal applying hers.

"I asked my mum if I was the same, but she told me I was a total boy," the star laughed. "I was only interested in playing football and being active, so my own mum never gave me beauty tips."

Even now, Gal isn't particularly interested in make-up. While she's happy enough to do her own on a day off, she'd never attempt going DIY for the red carpet.

"I've never been able to get my eyeliner straight!" she laughed. "During the day I'll stick to concealer, mascara and a little foundation - even I can manage that!"

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