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Garner talks annoying hair antics

Jennifer Garner thinks she annoys people by messing with her hair on the red carpet.

The gorgeous actress has amazing brunette locks, which she likes to wear loose on the red carpet. However, fiddling with her strands often leaves others exasperated.

“I’m constantly tucking my hair behind my ears on the red carpet, which drives people crazy!” she laughed to the latest edition of UK InStyle magazine.

The star added that she sometimes wears the top part of her mane clipped back to stop her from messing around with it.

The 42-year-old star has children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel with her husband Ben Affleck. She added that it’s a rarity for her hair to be clean and that she appreciates being on set because she gets a blowdry. It’s not just her own locks that take a hit.

“I’ve started using Davines’ conditioner on my girls’ hair, because kids’ ones are too wimpy to detangle their knots,” she admitted. “It smells so good and works on all hair types.”

The brunette beauty is having quite a moment since starring in Dallas Buyers Club, which saw co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto take home an Oscar. Despite being a busy actress and mom, Jennifer always makes time to stay in shape.

“I worked out at 5.30am, then showered quickly. Oh, wait, no – I took the kids to school first, then came back, showered and washed my hair. The mothers who show up at school already looking great that early in the morning? I don’t understand them,” she mused.

“I’ve seen more sunrises with my trainer Valerie Walters than anyone else. If I don’t get up and work out early, it’s hard for me to gear up and do it later.”

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