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Gemma Arterton: I use Gaga skin tip

Gemma Arterton says Lady Gaga gave her the best tip for keeping her skin flawless.

The British actress uses naturally sourced products to keep her skin looking great.

She shared how she discovered her latest beauty obsession, which is thanks to Lady Gaga.

“I use collagen cream. This is a really recent thing, like in the last six months. My facialist told me that when you’re around 25, you stop making collagen - or the production slows down. Collagen is what keeps your skin plump. I use this cream that’s pure collagen, like a sea-based collagen, and I put it on. It’s like food!" she exclaimed to Refinery 29. "And almond oil, I love that stuff. I learned that secret from Lady Gaga. I thought, ‘If Lady Gaga can do it, I can do it.' No [I'm not friends with her] I wish! I’ve never met her.”

The Bond girl's flawless fair skin landed her a role as the face of cosmetics company Avon.

Gemma fronted their Bond Girl 007 fragrance in 2008 after starring in Quantum of Solace, where she showed off her glowing complexion on screens.

The 27-year-old's natural beauty goes hand-in-hand with her easy-going personality, which she says translates into a hippie-style work ethic.

However, when it comes to her personal look, Gemma isn't so relaxed.

“No, I’m not hippie in personal style, but I guess I’m sort of airy," she reflected. "I tend to go with the flow a lot. Sometimes I can be a bit passive. I’m a bit of a contradiction: I’m passive, but very fiery."

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