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Georgia May Jagger: Mom’s advice is dated

Georgia May Jagger says her mother's modelling pearls of wisdom often fall on deaf ears as they are "so 1980s".

The youngest daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger likes to think she has her own unique style when it comes to posing in front of the camera.

Georgia says although her model mom likes to offer words of wisdom when it comes to the catwalk, her advice sometimes falls on deaf ears.

“People think that since I was six, Mum’s been saying, ‘Do it like this, honey,’ but it wasn’t like that," she insisted in an interview with Style magazine.

“Well, OK. Sometimes she’ll show us how to do the catwalk thing, but her version of it is so 1980s. She’ll say, ‘Then you flick your hair around like this, honey, and go like this with your haaands, and do a twirrrrl like this.’”

Georgia also revealed her home-life is far from glamorous. The stunning star says her family are far more down-to-earth then people are led to believe.

“We’re not like that," she laughed. “At home, we wear Brora dressing gowns and have buns on our heads. We’re not the kind of people who put on make-up to go to the corner shop. It’s more about dressing up. It’s more of a Southern-beauty-queen-type thing. It’s, ‘Yeaaah, let’s go for it. More!’

“My mother hasn’t had any surgery, and she tans. You can’t freak out and base your whole life on being youthful and beautiful. It’s not realistic and it’s not going to make you happy," she added.

Georgia also explained that nobody in her family wanted to be "famous". The star thinks credibility and talent is far more important.

“Beyoncé is someone I admire. I know she’s a pop star, but she seems not actually to be a horrible diva. She has her own career and she’s taking control of the situation. It’s her and then the image, not the image and then her. I like that," she smiled.

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