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Get Olivia Palermo's hair

Olivia Palermo's hairstylist Andre Davis has revealed how to get her perfect hair.

The 28-year-old star is envied for her perfect tresses, which are often worn down and in loose curls.

Celebrity hairstylist Andre Davis, who works for Julien Farel's salon in New York City, often tends to Olivia’s hair needs. He has spoken out about exactly how he creates her stunning finishes, listing different methods to get the perfect “celebrity blow-out”.

“You must prep the hair, washing, and conditioning is key. I use restore on the hair instead of shampoo, it is a revolutionary product that returns your hair to the ph balance when you were a kid, helps to mend, and restore. You can use it once or twice a week, you can use JF shampoo and conditioner on other days,” he explained on the star’s official website.

He then moved onto the next two steps, revealing he relies on mousse for fine hair and combs Olivia’s hair after it is freshly washed. Next, he went through what he calls the “rough-dry” process.

“I then start blow drying the hair with a 3200 ceramic blow dryer, directing the air to the roots with my fingers drying the roots first, then getting the rest of the hair mostly dry, fluffing it with my fingers,” he added.

“[Then] after getting most of the water out, taking a medium brush, ceramic brush (my favourite) thinking five parts, you don’t have to section. Take a three by three section in the front, start from the root, blow dry down forward, leaving movement on the ends (curl). Same with the left and right of your hair, same square sections on the top, then the back, everything blown forward.”

Lastly he advises fans of Olivia’s hair to “blow everything back off your face” before finding a parting.

Olivia rose to fame on reality show The City and has since gone on to become a fashion icon. With several clothing collections under her arm, she is an advocate of comfort dressing.

"I think that it’s most important to feel comfortable and look relaxed. And always consider the lighting,” she previously told Glamour magazine.

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