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Get toned arms like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's physique is achievable with "simple exercises" says a top fitness expert.

The Hollywood actress is famed for her gorgeously toned body.

Trainer to the stars Magda Penpicka says Jennifer's impressive frame is achievable with a few dedicated exercises.

"Jennifer has the most envied arms in Hollywood," she told British magazine more!.

"Simple exercises such as tricep dips and press-ups can help achieve this fabulous lean look."

Blake Lively is famed for her perfect pins. Fitness guru Magda recommends a handful of exercise techniques to attain the star's enviable frame.

"To get super-toned legs like Blake choose dynamic lower body exercises such as stepping lunges, step-ups and jump squats," she shared.

Kim Kardashian is well known for her womanly figure, which she regularly shows off in form-skimming attire. Magda says women should make the most out of their assets - and recommends cardio to keep them in shape.

"For bootylicious curves like Kim [Kardashian], try an all-round cardio and strength workout such as Power Plate conditioning classes," Magda suggested.

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