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Gillian Anderson: My X-Files costumes were awful

Gillian Anderson was so exhausted while filming The X-Files that she didn't bother doing her hair even off-screen.

The 45-year-old actress played Agent Dana Scully for nine years in the spooky US TV show, about two members of the FBI who investigated unexplained phenomenon. The series is a cult classic with fans, and although Gillian is proud of it she still can't believe she agreed to wear some of the unflattering '90s power suits.

"The odd thing is that even when I was put in those horrible pastel Lycra suits, there wasn't a single part of me that considered saying, 'Whoa! Wait one second!' Likewise with the hair," she laughed to the British edition of Glamour magazine. "I was made to have red hair, styled in a particular way, but you'd have thought that I might have done something with it off screen... still I didn't bother, because I was so exhausted. So for nine years I went to work and was somebody else, without devoting any time or attention to the way I looked. Now when I look back at images of myself in those horrible fashion decisions with my weight fluctuating all the time, I can't believe it."

More recently the actress gave a stellar performance as detective Stella Gibson in The Fall. She is proud of the part and can't help laughing that many people seemed more concerned with Stella's outfit choices. Silk blouses were her staple - something Gillian can't imagine donning in her everyday life.

"It was mad. What's weird is that when I wear a silk blouse it looks nothing like when Stella does," she marvelled. "It must be down to the way she carries herself, because even made-up with my hair done I can't replicate it."

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