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Ginnifer Goodwin not afraid to fail with fashion

Ginnifer Goodwin has no problem with “getting back up and trying again” when she ends up on worst dressed lists.

The American actress likes to push herself when it comes to style, which is one of the reasons she has such a short pixie crop. Although it’s never nice when she ends up on worst dressed lists, she would rather try something new and fail then play it safe.

“I believe in falling on my face, getting back up and trying again,” she told People. “Clothes are a form of personal expression.”

Having such a complacent attitude towards fashion means Ginnifer occasionally wears things even she regrets. When quizzed about which specific pieces she was unhappy with, the star found it tricky to choose between them.

“Usually I work with stylists, and that’s usually a very good idea,” she laughed. “[Then] sometimes I’ll go, ‘I can do this myself!’ And I’ll wear something horrendous and be like, ‘Ah, what did I do?’”

The actress has always favoured bold colours, including dresses in acid brights. She isn’t sure she will ever be the sort of person who only dresses in monochrome or nude pieces, but she is planning a style overhaul.

“I know that I want to change [my style] up, but I don’t know what that means exactly yet. I’m 34 - about to be 35 - and I feel my maturity in some ways, so it’s time that my wardrobe evolves [with me],” she explained.

In a separate interview, Ginnifer discusses her beauty routine and favourite products. She is careful to brush her teeth twice a day, but admits she doesn’t floss as often as she should.

She is “obsessed” with her health though, so never picks spots and looks after her face.

She also has one product which she swears by. “Extra-virgin organic coconut oil! It's a miracle product. You can eat it, put it on your cuticles, shave your legs with it... it's pretty stunning. I wash my face with it, put it on my lips and I also use it as moisturiser,” she told Huffington Post.

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