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Girls’ designer reveals style evolution

Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien feels like she has made friends with the characters in the show.

Each of the four main characters – Lena Dunham’s Hannah, Allison Williams’ Marni, Zosia Mamet’s Shoshanna and Jemima Kirke’s Jessa – have unique, distinctive styles.

And Jenn says the upcoming fourth season of the show depicts the characters’ sartorial growth.

“The characters have certainly evolved and grown and that directly impacts my job because my whole job is to support the story through the wardrobe,” she explained during an interview with “They are really growing, whether it’s up or laterally or in the opposite direction, there is continual movement in their emotional storyline, and it’s always motivating a shift in wardrobe to help reflect that and that’s a really exciting challenge and opportunity for a costume designer. That’s a little bit unique to that show where they’re continually moving forward.”

Jenn also revealed she has spent so much time scouting for outfits for the characters that she feels as though she knows them.

And it’s this bond, albeit a fictional one, that gives Jenn a more effective way of approaching her job.

“One of the bonuses is that I feel like these girls are my friends,” she said. “I spend so much time in the costume shop with these characters that I feel like I know them very well — I spend so much time with them that I can make decisions a little bit more intuitively and the process becomes a little more efficient. You can look at something and say, that’s a Hannah thing, that’s a Marni thing, that’s a Jessa thing.”

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