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Girls' make-up explained

Girls make-up artist Patricia Regan has opened up about creating the character's looks.

The 27-year-old actress plays Hannah Horvath in the hit TV series, which she also created and wrote. She is joined by co-stars Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet, who play her three pals in the show.

Beauty expert Patricia Regan is in charge of giving the actress' alter egos their distinct features. The make-up artist wanted to reflect Hannah's personality accurately through her beauty regime.

"The show is raw and... there's very little make-up. I try to keep Hannah really, really natural for a lot of [it], which is slight corrective make-up, which you're not supposed to see, and I don't think you do!" Patricia told

"When she's kind of bummed and down and out, that's not a time when Hannah would get dolled up. Hannah likes to wear make-up when she goes to a party or something like that, she'll decide to throw a little lipstick on."

For Jemima's character Jessa, Patricia creates more of a dramatic look when it goes to her lips. Although the rest of her face is left in a more raw state Patricia feels a splash of colour is just what is needed to give Jessa a different feel.

"She likes those dark colours. She doesn't wear a lot of make-up, but she likes to throw on a lipstick here and there; it changes her entire complexion. Lipstick changes [Jemima's] whole face - it suddenly looks like it's much more made-up than it actually is. Some faces do that," Patricia added.

"I think a red lip transforms most women's psyche. It's empowering and you can't put on a red lipstick and feel shy about it. It makes you stand up and say, 'Hey, here I am.' It commands attention."

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