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Goldie Hawn: Thoughts become things

Goldie Hawn has spoken about why she is such a big advocate of meditation.

The 69-year-old actress has been a big believer in mindfulness for many years and has even released a book about it. Now she's created another tome which is a journal, and she hopes it will encourage people of all ages to take ten minutes a day to reset themselves.

"I believe that what we think is what we create. With committed intention, you can replace negative self-talk with positive affirmation," she told British magazine Hello!

The journal features bits of advice from Goldie, as well as spaces to write down thoughts and feelings. The idea is that by voicing things which have happened to you, both good and bad, you'll be able to process them a bit better.

"Writing down our thoughts, inner feelings and reflections can be a powerful transformative tool. Sometimes we don't even realise how our inner critic affects all we manifest," she explained. "By using these meditation and journal prompts, you'll discover that no matter what age you are, it's always possible to realise your fullest potential."

To get the best out of the process, the star suggests you sit down in a calm safe environment and get comfortable. Practice deep breathing and make sure your back is straight, then try to clear your mind of thoughts so you can relax. Once you've calmed yourself, you are in a good state to start writing your thoughts.

"Since is can be quite intimidating to face a blank page, my guided journal offers you prompts, questions and simple meditations to get you started," Goldie added.

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