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Greene talks painful Cayenne pepper diet

Ashley Greene no longer bows to the “pressure” of Hollywood body standards.

The 28-year-old Wish I Was Here actress has been prone to altering the way she eats in order to maintain a slim frame in the past.

But it was one fad diet in particular that almost knocked Ashley off her feet.

"I lasted a day on that cayenne pepper diet. It gave me a headache and I was really grumpy," she confessed in the July/August issue of Health magazine. "It was like, 'This cannot be healthy.' I've done juicing and then quickly realised that I couldn't just do juices if I was gonna continue to work out the way I do. Right now, I feel the strongest I've ever been."

Those who credit their slender figures to the cayenne diet include Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell.

In the interview, Ashley says her motto when it comes to food is “everything in moderation”.

One of her favourite snacks of all time is Cheez-Its and she refuses to remove the delicious cracker treat from her diet.

"At the end of the day, you have to allow yourself those things, as long as they're not a staple," she noted. "You don't want to be the girl who's looking at the back label of everything!"

Ashley has been working in the entertainment industry since 2005.

Back in the day when she was a teenage actor, the star was more susceptible to body criticism.

"Yeah, there's always going to be pressure [in Hollywood]," Ashley said. "Anyone who doesn't feel pressure is a really good liar. You're always going to be too skinny or too fat or too muscular, and I've gotten every single one of those.

"When I started and got Twilight, I think I was 20, and I was more impressionable. Now I'm 28, and if people are unhappy with the way I look, then they can be unhappy. But I feel strong and healthy and happy. Some people, like Gisele Bündchen, have crazy genes, and that's just what she looks like. But most of us are not 5ft 11in and don't look like that naturally."

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