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Gugu Mbatha-Raw: I keep clothes casual

Gugu Mbatha-Raw doesn't wear make-up or get her hair done unless she has to.

The British actress is making a name for herself in Hollywood thanks to starring roles in movies such as Belle and Jupiter Ascending, which hits cinema screens next year.

In Beyond the Lights Gugu plays sexy singer Noni, which sees her wear an array of revealing outfits. Although she didn't keep any of the costumes, she did find herself going home with a pair of boots from set.

"Someone the other day asked me, 'Did you get to keep any of the costumes from the movie?' and I was like, 'No!' But actually, yeah, I did - one pair of boots, the big pair of biker boots she’s wearing in the final scene. They’re actually, potentially, something I might wear. But when I’m not working, I’m really, really low key," Gugu revealed to Lucky magazine. "I don’t wear make-up unless I have to, I don’t get my hair done unless I really need to."

As well as looking glamorous on film sets, Gugu looks flawless on the red carpet. To make sure she's always in shape, the 31-year-old likes to do yoga whenever she can.

"I do a lot of yoga and when I’m in LA, I have an outdoorsy sort of lifestyle. It’s sort of comfortable, West Coast, yoga chic.

"But having spent so much time in London, I do love a good scarf and a good coat. And I like layering up this time of year - and good boots. So my style really changes depending on where I am," she added.

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