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Guy Pearce’s ‘aging Aussie fitness’

Guy Pearce has spoken about what he does to stay in shape now that he’s in his late forties.

The 47-year-old actor is currently promoting his new movie Results, where he and Cobie Smulders portray personal trainers whose lives get thrown into chaos after taking on a wealthy new client.

Guy, who grew up in Australia, felt very connected to his character, because the star always seems to find himself working out.

“I play an aging Aussie fitness instructor. But, then, I am an aging Aussie fitness person,” he told Page Six. “I’m always in a gym. I’m a bodybuilder since I’m 16. As writer Andrew Bujalski himself was working out, he said he planned to do a movie about it.”

Guy was extremely devoted to the craft of bodybuilding as a teenager.

So portraying his personal trainer character Trevor in Results was a mindset he could identify with on multiple levels.

“There's something about that fixation on fitness, almost to a religious extent, for a lot of those guys, where to me they're hiding a lot of emotional stuff, whether they know it or not,” he told Slant magazine recently. “And we all know that if we go through a difficult time in life we tend to do things to assist getting through, and that might be eating too much, drinking too much, or suddenly starting to get really fit, or we obsess over things.

“I get the thing about obsessing over fitness, because I've been there myself. So it was a really interesting world for me to delve into, because it's a world I've known, on and off, for many years. I mean, I won a bodybuilding competition [Mr. Junior Victoria] when I was 16, 30-odd years ago.”

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