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Gwen Stefani: Blonde hair helped with break-up

Gwen Stefani has explained how her iconic platinum blonde hair came about.

Gwen Stefani didn't care when she had to "scrape all her money together" for dye when she went blonde; she just knew it was the right move.

The No Doubt singer is synonymous with her bleached locks, which she usually accessorises with a bold red or pink lip. She first decided to dye them when she split from her long-term boyfriend, and bandmate, Tony Kanal, in the early '90s because she knew it was time for a drastic change.

"Once he broke up with me, my style changed loads too," she explained to "It was just like, 'I’m going blonde.' Like, I don’t care - if I have to scrape all of my money together to get my roots done, I’m doing it. It was that kind of thing (where) it wasn’t until the break-up that it really started."

Gwen's latest project is a collaboration with cosmetics company Urban Decay, which includes an eyeshadow palette. She's sure many will be surprised when they check out the offering, as it is predominantly full of neutrals and most people associate her with a bolder look.

"If you look at the make-up I wear, it’s really quite simple," she explained. "I know that sounds crazy, but it’s not bold shadows you know? I mean I’ve done everything, but most of the time, my eye is simple. I wanted to make it real and really what I wear."

Gwen doesn't let herself be tied down to just one look though, whether that's make-up or fashion. The thing she loves best about experimenting is it gives her the ability to dress for her mood, which changes daily.

"That’s why make-up is so fun, because to me, it’s like war paint; it’s like you put it on and that’s how you’re going to face everybody," she said. "I have different looks for different things: if I’m going to the beach, I put that black all in there (in the inner rims of eyes), and it’s like, 'Oops, I forgot to take my make-up off from last night.' You know what I mean?"

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