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Gwen Stefani eats protein diet

Gwen Stefani follows a "protein-based" diet to maintain her stunning figure.

The platinum-haired singer is renowned for her impressively honed body and gorgeous looks. The 41-year-old star works with personal trainer Mike Heatlie to maintain her slender frame.

The fitness expert says Gwen relies on protein to keep her in shape.

"You need some carbohydrates. Anybody who says you don't is wrong. I've tried eating no crabs and it's not that productive - but you should only eat them up until lunchtime," he explained in an interview with Closer magazine.

"Gwen follows a protein-based diet with vegetables. She has lots of salmon or chicken and vegetables at lunch and dinner, while omelettes, a protein shake or porridge make good breakfast choices."

Mike says there is a lot of pressure on female celebrities to always look perfectly preened. The exercise guru works with his clients to make-sure they maintain their slim frames healthily.

"There's so much pressure," he explained.

"It can be destructive if they're struggling with their weight - they'll end up hiding away. On the other hand, that pressure is probably quite good for some, as it forces discipline. The world expects them to be in shape."

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