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Gwen Stefani: Fashion is relaxing

Gwen Stefani says music is more tiring than designing.

The talented star has many strings to her bow, including a successful singing career and a burgeoning fashion label.

She started fashion house L.A.M.B. in 2004 and recently showed her latest collection as part of New York Fashion Week.

Talking about which profession she enjoys more, Gwen can't make up her mind. But she does know the highs and lows of each venture.

"For me, fashion is less emotional than music and it's not such a big drain. But I love them both," Gwen told the British edition of Hello! magazine. "I guess out of all the artistic things I do, music is the most rewarding because it's so hard to write songs. It's so hard to believe it's going to happen and then, once it does, it's just addictive."

Over the last decade L.A.M.B. has garnered plenty of praise in the style world, and has been worn by stars such as Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock and Gwen herself.

A lot has changed for the brand, but 44-year-old Gwen says as long as you keep growing from experiences, you're sure to be a success.

"I think the biggest evolution has been finding how, even with disappointment, some really great things are born out of that. I have learned to see those situations as opportunities to make great things. It's been a learning process because I'm not trained. I didn't go to school for this so I'm just doing everything through feeling and from the heart," she revealed.

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