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Gwen Stefani feels incomplete without make-up

Gwen Stefani doesn't feel right when she's not wearing make-up.

Gwen Stefani doesn't care if people think she's "insane" for wearing make-up every day.

The No Doubt frontwoman is as famous for her bold beauty looks as she is her musical talents. Cosmetics play a big part in Gwen's life; so much so that not a day goes by without using them.

“I just truly am passionate about make-up, and I wear it every day, no matter what,” she told Allure, reminding the publication that she used to be a make-up artist in a department store. “When I don’t wear make-up, it just doesn’t feel right. People think I’m insane, but I feel like it’s part of who I am that day and who I want to be.”

This passion is what makes her the perfect candidate for a collection with beauty giant Urban Decay. Gwen has created a series of lipsticks, a brow powder and a blush palette, all reflecting her personal taste. Fans can feel reassured that she would use all the products herself, as she insists there isn't one colour in the range she doesn't love.

"I didn’t consider anyone else - it was really about what I needed," she said of coming up with the collection.

The packaging was also important to Gwen and she settled on a black, white and gold exterior for her items. With so many ventures to her name, the blonde beauty made sure to incorporate them all into her Urban Decay offerings.

“I have the Harajuku Lovers side of me, which is the cute, wild, pop art, younger side," she explained. "And then I have L.A.M.B., which is more sophisticated, more designer, more chic. And then there’s me and my history with make-up and my love for anything retro."

Despite being a pro at make-up, Gwen isn't always able to avoid mishaps. Being a mother of three, she admits her lipstick sometimes ends up smudged across her face after one of her sons swipes her mouth.

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