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Gwen Stefani: I'm always in cosmetics

Gwen Stefani wears make-up "every day", even when she's not leaving the house.

The singer-and-fashion designer is famed for her glamorous retro look and regularly wows with her eclectic fashion choices.

Gwen insists her signature aesthetic doesn't come easy.

"The make-up goes on every day," she confessed in the November issue of InStyle.

"Even if I'm not going anywhere."

Gwen's platinum blonde hair and red lips are what set her apart. The 42-year-old star is inspired by Hollywood beauty Marilyn Monroe, and admits she "do[es] her roots as often as [she] did hers".

Gwen figured out what worked for her at an early age. The stunning star thanks her grandmother for introducing her to statement red lipstick.

"When I was 17, my grandmother got me a gift pack with all these different colored lipsticks, and one of them was burgundy," she explained.

"I tried it on and looked in the rear-view mirror and said, 'That looks good.' I've worn it ever since."

Gwen is mother to sons Kingston, five, and three-year-old Zuma. The youngsters are always pictured in fashion-forward garb, and Gwen is mostly impressed with their choices.

"I like them to be creative and have fun. I'd love to be part of it - don't get me wrong," she said. "Sometimes they'll get dressed and it's horrifying. But they often come out in outfits that are awesome."

Gwen says motherhood has forced her to reconsider some of her own fashion choices. The blonde beauty leaves her heels at home when family days out are planned.

"When you have two little boys, you have to play outside. There's no way around it," she said. "If we're at the park, I try not to wear heels. The kids are so gigantic, it would be painful.

"I always bring back-up shoes."

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