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Gwen Stefani makes brow comeback

Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have both managed to reinvent their eyebrows, according to an expert.

Gwen Stefani has been praised for making a comeback from "the dark side" of eyebrows.

Natalie Plain and her husband Bob are the founders of Billion Dollar Brows, which was set up after Natalie became increasingly horrified about the damage some women had done to their eyebrows through things like over plucking. It's not just everyday ladies who can fall foul of their tweezers either, with celebrities also occasionally sporting some dodgy looks.

"Celebrities who have wonderful brows and celebrities who have to try harder... Aaah, so many people!" Natalie laughed to Cover Media. "The one person who I personally really love, I think I mentioned Emma Watson, she's got a great strong brow. The person who I think that really needs to make a comeback (actually) somebody who's made a comeback, that's also an important thing, somebody who's gone to the dark side of their brows: Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani I look back at old photos of her and she has done everything under the sun to her brows; they were coloured pink at one time, they were pencil razor really thin."

The singer has managed to turn things around though, and she's been sporting lustrous eyebrow hair for some time now.

"She has just recently... I saw a photo of her and I looked and I said, 'This girl gets it and she's in good hands,'" Natalie agreed. "She has a fuller thicker brow, but she keeps it well groomed, so Gwen Stefani is like one of my comebacks, she's a brow comeback."

Also receiving praise for the way she's redefined her look is Barbados-born singer Rihanna. She's renowned for rocking fashion forward outfits at all opportunities, which means she's constantly experimenting with her beauty look too - some of which Natalie thinks are more successful than others.

"One that I personally like too, who has a fuller thicker brow and it didn't come easy to her either, is Rihanna," she explained. "Rihanna took a lot of hair off at one point in her career, I was looking at album covers of hers, but her most recent album cover (for upcoming release Anti) she's got this crazy thick brow, which makes a nice bold statement. I mean, can everybody carry that off? No, but it's very fresh and I think a lot of girls look up to her, so she's a favourite as well."

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