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Gwendoline Christie: 'My Star Wars costume isn't sexy'

Gwendoline Christie is glad her villainous character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn't get a feminine costume.

Gwendoline Christie is pleased the wardrobe department on Star Wars: The Force Awakens decided not to sexualise her costume.

The British star plays Captain Phasma in J.J. Abrams' new chapter of the space saga, a role which required Gwendoline to wear a metallic suit of armour. Instead of being sexy in any way, the costume is intimidating and dark - which was absolutely fine for the actress.

"It (seeing the costume for the first time) really was amazing," she smiled to Britain's Absolute Radio. "I had been told about it beforehand but nothing prepared me for going into that room and seeing it there. That was extraordinary. As I've said, what I loved about it was that I expected, 'Oh they've probably feminised it in some way,' and they hadn't and I just thought that's really modern and decent."

Captain Phasma is in charge of legions of storm troopers, so is also dressed in the iconic cinema outfit consisting of am oversized helmet and body armour. Winning a part in the movie was a dream come true for Gwendoline, who is a lifelong Star Wars fan. Much has been made about a female being cast in such a villainous role, but the 37-year-old wishes it was more acceptable for girls to play baddies too.

"It shouldn't be shocking though should it, but it is," she sighed. "Because our culture conventionally has been that we have been used to seeing very conventional depictions of females in our mainstream media. And I love with the costume of Captain Phasma she isn't feminised or sexualised in any way."

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