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Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple has great style

Gwyneth Paltrow is proud of her daughter Apple's eye for style.

The Hollywood star and husband Chris Martin have daughter Apple and son Moses together.

Gwyneth is proud of eight-year-old Apple's eye for fashion.

"My daughter definitely has her own style. Sometimes I look at her, and she’s wearing really skinny jeans and a blazer and she has a punk headband on, and I'm like, ‘Perfect!’ I stay out of it, she loves buying her own stuff," she told Stylist magazine.

"Last night we went to the Justin Bieber concert and she was very conscious of her outfit."

Gwyneth - who is famed for her simplistic chic outfits - revealed her style staples in the interview.

The star would rather buy "timeless" pieces than spend money on fad fashion.

"I’m a real blue jeans girl, I wear jeans all the time and I couldn’t live without them. Jeans and blazers," she said. "And then I have a couple of couture things that I bought before children. Like a mini Chanel dress. There are some things that you buy that are really timeless and classic and I value them a lot."

Gwyneth also spoke about her beauty regime, revealing that she's not "great" at putting on make-up and looks "a wreck half the time".

The blonde beauty says fragrance is important to her.

"My first perfume was when I was 14 – very sweet Anais Anais. I went through a Coco Chanel phase. I guess it's become more complex as I get older, which makes sense," she smiled.

"When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wear fragrance. I couldn’t smell anything. I couldn’t smell flowers, I was very sensitive to everything. I could smell orange juice from across the room and I remember thinking, 'I will throw up.'"

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