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Gwyneth Paltrow: Closet cleaning is tough

Gwyneth Paltrow has discussed the "overwhelming" task of spring cleaning her wardrobe.

In her most recent newsletter Goop, the Hollywood actress shared her thoughts on the chore that most women avoid.

Gwyneth finds throwing unworn items out difficult because they hold such "sentimental" value.

"They say spring is coming (although you wouldn't know it from where we are) and thus, it's time for the requisite March freshen up of the closet, drawers and anything else. I've been feeling overwhelmed by this task," she shared.

"I had heard the rule 'if you don't wear it, it goes' but what about my white tube skirt from Parachute that I bought in 1985? Sentimental value, people."

Gwyneth enlisted the help of Sarah from a new luxury wardrobe storage service in London called Vault Couture to help.

The expert gave her some great tips for updating closets.

“If you hold up the garment and can see any body part imprinted in it - i.e. elbows, knees, saggy bums, etc. - it goes out. Pay particular attention to collars - these are near your face and right in people’s eye line, so any fraying, wear-and-tear or make-up/fake tan stains, etc. means it goes," she advised.

"Consider the ‘two tries rule’: if you have put on a garment and then immediately taken it off to wear something else two or more times, let it go. I know, you spent good money on it and have never worn it, but you are not getting that money back by keeping it in your closet. Smile and enjoy the cathartic feeling of de-cluttering.

"Anything more than six months old that still has tags on it was a mistake. It doesn't excite you and/or it doesn't work with your other pieces. We live and learn. Assess what doesn't work, and let it go.”

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