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Gwyneth Paltrow: My figure isn't magic

Gwyneth Paltrow says "there's no fairy dust" when it comes to her training regime.

The 38-year-old star is renowned for maintaining her honed physique by regular exercise, and has a focused attitude towards health and fitness.

Gwyneth religiously follows her personal trainer Tracy Anderson's program and says her enviable frame is down to hard work.

"I'm very committed to my Tracy Anderson method. I do it every day - well, I do it five days a week. So I drop the kids at school and I come home, I exercise for an hour and 15 minutes every single day," she revealed at a press conference for Contagion at Venice Film Festival.

"There's no fairy dust, there's no trick - it's like you do it and it works."

Gwyneth has previously revealed her no-nonsense approach to staying in shape. The mother-of-two says exercising shouldn't be taxing, and thinks no-one has an excuse not to partake in a little work-out every week.

"There are easy workouts, stretching exercises and Pilates. Because there is one thing that should have gotten around by now - you don't lose weight without moving. So conquer your weaker self, get up from the couch and out on the street!" she recently said.

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