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Gwyneth switches up her workouts

Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer Lauren Roxburgh has explained why the star loves working out with a foam roller.

The 42-year-old star recently showed off her toned and taut body on a Mexican beach, proving her figure is just as good as younger Hollywood starlets'.

She's always been focused on healthy living and exercise and recently hired personal trainer Lauren Roxburgh, known as The Body Whisperer. Lauren is a big advocate of foam rollers, which she weaves into her Pilates and stretch routines.

"Gwyneth is incorporating this into her daily life and that's why it works. It focuses so much on healing and de-stressing, so it's just as much about the mind as well as the body," Lauren told British magazine Grazia.

"You can fit this into your busy day and do it yourself. Gwyneth likes to find new things to incorporate into her health and fitness regime; she looks great."

Kim Kardashian is also thought to be one of Lauren's A-list fans.

Explaining her exercise techniques, Lauren says she gets her clients to work out with a foam roller for ten - 15 minutes every day, with results seen after a month.

"It's all about alignment, posture and body awareness. The exercises on the foam roller help to release tension and blockages. I do a stretching style warm-up followed by a self-massage to get the lymphatic system going, releasing any tightness and tensions," she said.

Pilates-based moves are then used, which help to shape and sculpt the body.

"I don't like to call it a workout. It's more about self-care and self-healing. It's unlike other workouts such as spinning, which will give you a thicker waist because they don't extend the body into different positions," Lauren noted.

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