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Gwyneth's blowdry plans

Gwyneth Paltrow and her celebrity hairdresser friend can't wait to work together on a blowdry bar project.

The actress and her celebrity hairstylist friend David Babaii are helping bring a new creative vision to Blo, the first blowdry bar in the US.

Blo is about to open its 50th global location and its biggest celebrity fan is said to be keen to start work on the project.

“Their entire team is the coolest you’ll ever meet. I am just so excited and so is Gwyneth,” David gushed to People magazine. “I get to work with someone that’s been my dear friend and inspiration for so many years. How much better can it get? Gwyneth is so smart and cool and we work so well together."

It's not the first time David and Gwyneth have put their perfect heads of hair together for a style venture. They previously created a private blowdry salon for customers at celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's studio.

"We’ve been friends for 12 years, and she’s been such a support to me with everything," he explained of Gwyneth. "When we opened our first blow dry bar with Tracy Anderson, it was for members only, but there was overwhelming demand.”

David added that he can't pick a favourite style, as he "loves" them all. However, he does want to try something new when he gets his hands on Blo clients.

“I want to do the beachy waves, the soft styles and I want to learn. I’ve gone to the blow bars and watched them and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, how did that guy get that root lift?’ So I am looking forward to that, the opportunity to watch other people work,” he grinned. “I want [the customer] to feel like they’re the princess that moment.”

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