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Hailee Steinfeld: Fashion is complex

Hailee Steinfeld has learnt all about the behind-the-scenes work involved in fashion.

The 16-year-old actress has been educated in the world of style since starring in 2010 movie True Grit which propelled her into the spotlight.

Hailee was tapped by Miuccia Prada to front the new Miu Miu line when she was 14, and shared what she's discovered about clothing through her experiences.

"Yes[I'm interested in fashion] I have also learnt that the world of fashion isn't simply about wearing a nice dress," Hailee told UK magazine Grazia. "There's so much more to it. Behind an amazing dress or pair of shoes there is so much work that goes into it."

This year, Hailee's influence in the fashion industry was recognised when she was named MaxMara's Face of the Future. The actress is set to appear in six films this year, and shared how she envisions her life going forward.

"Being happy, with lots more films to come," she added. "And then, who knows... love, children. But I still feel a child myself, so I can't imagine having a child myself just yet."

Hailee recently met Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld in Paris and previously admitted feeling starstruck.

"Oh my god, so cool. He was so, so sweet. It was one of those moments where there were a lot of people around him and it was backstage,” she told Company magazine. “I was like, ‘I really want to meet him but if it’s not the right time, it’s OK,’ and I was going back and forth with myself, ‘Am I ready [to meet him]? I don’t think I’m ready’. Then it just happened and he was so sweet and so softly spoken and just really cool. It was a great moment," she gushed to Company magazine.

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