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Haim talk style tips

Alana, Este and Danielle Haim like to share each other's clothes, and admit they have the same style both on and off stage.

The siblings, along with drummer Dash Hutton, have become international stars thanks to the success of their debut album Days Are Gone. They have become a regular fixture on the music scene, recently playing at Coachella, one of the hottest musical dates in the calendar year.

As well as making waves in the music world, the Haim sisters have also been lauded for their effortlessly cool style. When it comes to putting outfits together, the girls admit it's basically just a free for all.

"I guess collectively Este and I [sometimes fight over clothes]. We usually steal from Danielle's closet," laughed Alana to Teen Vogue.

"We all share clothes on the road. It's basically a first grab, first serve basis," Danielle corrected.

When asked if their stage outfits differ from their everyday clothes, 22-year-old Alana revealed a quirk she suffers from.

"No, we basically wear the clothes we wear on stage to bed. Plus, I'm really superstitious, and I have one pair of shorts that I wear almost every show," she divulged, before adding that she wore one of her mom's vintage '70s dresses for her prom.

On the subject of style icons the LA-based family were in unison with their choice, citing British clothes horse Kate Moss as the queen of chic.

They also shared their top festival must haves.

"Sunscreen is key - we use La Mer moisturiser SPF 50," said Danielle.

"Hand sanitizer, Miss Marissa perfume, a sturdy pair of sunnies and water," listed Alana.

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