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Haim's wellbeing tips

Haim take their diet and exercise regime seriously even when they are on tour.

The 22-year-old musician is in band Haim with her sisters Danielle and Este Haim, with Dash Hutton joining them. The siblings take their health seriously while they are on tour, even though they know that is not the hippest thing to reveal.

"I'd love to think we were The Rolling Stones back in the day, getting drunk and partying all the time, but we're not. We're too scared to get sick! So do our B12 shots," Alana told Q magazine. "We've been on tour for two years and finally cracked the health code: take vitamins, eat greens, drink juices. If you're not healthy, you can't play a good show. B12 shot go in the a*s, yes. Does it hurt? I have a cushion. It's not really a problem for me."

As well as eating properly, the girls have a strict exercise regime. As their shows finish so late it would be easy to fall into a routine of eating takeaway food and lounging in front of the TV, but instead they hit the gym when they are in hotels.

"Shorts are my stage uniform and my favourite shorts are becoming too small," Alana admitted. "Este always says, you gotta keep that a*s tight."

Este also shared some health tips she's learnt while touring. Having shared space with male roadies, she now refuses to have bare feet when she is away from home. Instead she walks around in flip-flops, which help her avoid the "schmutz and sh*t" which is on the floor.

Diet is a tricky subject for Este, 28. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 14 and even though it was many years ago, she still struggles with the dietary restrictions.

"If you have diabetes stay the f**k away from candy. I'm diabetic and I grapple with his every day. I wake up and the first thing I think is, 'I want a Snickers,'" she said. "So the second thing I think is, 'I wanna dance at my grandson or granddaughter's wedding. I wanna be a granny without a walker and do the twist on the dancefloor.'"

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