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Hale’s shopping hobby

Lucy Hale loves shopping so much she goes online to look at clothes when she can't make it to stores.

The Pretty Little Liars actress is Aria Montgomery on the US teen show, who is known for her gothic and edgy style. Lucy enjoys getting dressed up to shoot her scenes, especially as her character's wardrobe is so diverse.

In real life, the 24-year-old star is equally as excited about fashion.

"Shopping may be my number one hobby actually. If I'm not physically shopping, I'm online browsing. I love ASOS for that - I wear a lot of ASOS on the show. And, of course, I love Topshop. Now we have one at The Grove in LA, but really I'd love to visit the big London one. I was talking to one of the assistants in The Grove Topshop the other day and she says they have to stock different stuff in LA because of the climate and different style," she explained to Company magazine.

Lucy gets fashion inspiration from many different places. As well as surfing online she looks at magazines and also has a number of celebrities she looks up to.

While she admits initially finding Jennifer Aniston's classic look boring, Lucy admits she now dresses like her quite often. But when it comes to style crushes, she looks to people with more of an edge.

"Kate Bosworth's style is amazing. Oh, and Diane Kruger, I love her too. I love Kate Moss in the Rimmel ads - in general I think London style is amazing," she gushed.

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