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Halle Berry keeps make-up simple during day

Halle Berry thinks bright coloured make-up is best saved for night-time.

The actress has a low-maintenance approach to her everyday beauty look.

Halle likes to experiment with something more elaborate at night, but believes less is more when applying eye-catching cosmetics.

"I'm really into Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains at the moment. If I wear colour, say for the evening, I would apply it on my nails and eyes but not on my lips. Earthy bronze and gold eyeshadows look really pretty with black mascara," Halle explained to the UK edition of InStyle.

"My beauty routine is definitely low-maintenance: sheer foundation, a few coats of mascara, a moisturising lip colour and I'm done."

The 46-year-old star has a flawless complexion. She thanks her thorough cleansing routine for helping her look years younger than she is.

"What is high maintenance about me is my skincare regime, and it's been like that since I was 14. I've always cleansed, toned and moisturised twice a day, every day. I think it's so important for ensuring an even complexion," she continued.

"I've used Kinara products for about 15 years as they really work for my skin. There are products for every age and skin type - young, mature, black, white and Asian."

SPF protection is also a vital part of Halle’s skincare regime.

The pregnant star believes in a good quality sun cream to keep her face supple and wrinkle free.

"I wear sun protection all year round - even in the middle of winter - and I really slather it on to make sure I'm protected," she finished.

"My three desert-island beauty products would be SPF, SPF and SPF! Guarding your skin from the sun is vital for keeping it soft, smooth and silky."

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