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Halle Berry 'shiny mess' without make-up

Halle Berry ends up a "shiny mess" without her five-minute make-up routine.

The actress has a hectic schedule with work and looking after her four-year-old daughter Nahla. Halle swears by certain cosmetics to keep her looking her best - even if she's in a rush.

"Face powder, as I'm a shiny mess, and a lip. I have a bad habit of chewing my lips and without something on there, I just chew them off," she told StyleList.

"I need some sort of moisture there, whether it be a lip balm or lip colour."

Halle is famed for her chic pixie crop, but is currently sporting longer curls. The beauty has explained her decision to cut her long hair off at the age of 19.

"I am my best self when I have super short hair. That's when I feel most like me and most confident," she said. "Growing up as a black woman, I felt that if I didn't have long hair, I wasn't going to be beautiful. I always thought that. Cutting my hair was freeing. Someone saying you're beautiful and the fact that you have no hair makes you even more beautiful, said to me it's not about my hair. It's about something else we emanate. I've lived with that my whole life."

Halle isn't worried about the ageing process. The 45-year-old star looks to her elder counterparts for inspiration.

"When I think of beauty, I think of people like Tina Turner who was always beautiful but has gotten more beautiful as she's gotten older. And part of that comes with maturity, wisdom and being comfortable in your skin. She hasn't become a victim of plastic surgery where she starts to look like somebody else," she explained.

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