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Halle Berry's diet secrets revealed

Halle Berry's trainer tells her not to eat anything that doesn't "go bad within a week".

The 45-year-old star drew gasps earlier this month when she unveiled her bikini body on the beach. She looks slim and toned and could have passed for 20 years younger.

Her trainer Nat Bardonnet has given interviews detailing her fitness regime, and has now opened up about what she eats too.

"I always recommend being healthy with your diet - nothing in a box, nothing frozen and if it doesn't go bad within a week, don't eat it! Fresh is the way to go. Eat five times a day - three meals and two snacks," she explained.

Halle does a lot of exercises on her legs and stomach to keep them tight. She also works out with weight but is careful not to pack on too much muscle.

"I use 3lb. weights to fatigue the muscles and keep them lean rather than building them up," Nat explained.

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