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Hannah Murray: I'm a minimalist

Hannah Murray relies on as little as possible when choosing what to wear.

The British actress rose to fame after playing kooky Cassie in TV series Skins and has gone on to land the role of Gilly in Game of Thrones. With such a busy schedule Hannah has little time to focus on clothes and footwear, so relies on whatever she has with her at the time.

"I'm realising, having lived out of a bag for quite a long time, that to have as few possessions as possible is really what I'm into now," she explained to the latest issue of Nylon magazine. "Like, I have three pairs of shoes, which is all anyone needs."

The 25-year-old also has a select colour palette when it comes to choosing what pieces to wear. Less is more when it comes to style for Hannah, and she has a minimalist approach to fashion.

"I wear black, white, navy and beige," she added. "For me, elegance is about stripping everything back."

Hannah's alter ego Cassie in Skins is known for her eccentric taste in outfits. The blonde star auditioned for the role aged 16 with a watch around her ankle, which she was inspired to do after watching movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

“I did dress very similarly to her [Cassie] before I did the show,” Hannah previously recalled.

“As soon as series one came out, I stopped dressing like that. I never, never lend any of my own clothes for parts anymore because you lose your clothes; they become the characters' clothes and you can never wear them again.”

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