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Harry Styles: I love and hate my hair

Harry Styles doesn't know whether to love or hate his hair.

The One Direction heartthrob is known for his curly locks, which have won him fans all over the world. However, Harry himself has a love-hate relationship with his tresses.

"Probably my hair..." he answered Very magazine when asked what he least likes about himself. "Ah, it's hard because it's kind of my favourite and my least favourite. I really like it, but sometimes it gets in the way, especially when I'm running."

Last year Harry and his bandmates Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne delighted fans by hitting the big screen in documentary movie One Direction: This Is Us. There's been a lot of speculation concerning a possible sequel and Harry, 20, has already considered who would portray him if he weren't able to take a starring turn himself. It would have to be someone who could pull of his Cherubic 'do as well as him.

"I would love for Orlando Bloom to play me because he has curly hair, but I think it'd probably be the dude who played McLovin in Superbad [Christopher Mintz-Plasse]," Harry joked.

In the past, the singer has said he would love bandmate Zayn's slick hair because it's "cool". Louise Teasdale is behind the boys' styles and previously revealed it doesn't take long to get them ready.

“I usually only have one hour but they hardly have any make-up so I can spend most of that on their hair,” she explained to Grazia Daily.

“Harry wakes up like that! Sometimes I don't even see him before a shoot, or Liam especially, when he had his shaved head.”

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