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Hayden Panettiere likes edgy hairstyles

Hayden Panettiere says loose waves or a braided hairstyle are her favourites for the red carpet.

The actress discussed which red carpet hair styles have been her favourite.

Hayden liked her look at this year's Billboard Music Awards in May, where she made her hair the main feature.

"I love this [loose waves] style, once again it’s easy," Hayden told the September edition of UK magazine Company. "My hair stylist gave it some extra edge here, with the one-sided style and hair jewellery."

The blonde Nashville star is also a fan of braids. The 23-year-old says they are a great way to funk up a classic blow dry at high-profile events.

"I love this style, because you don’t need lots of pins. It’s a French braid and it’s all attached, plaited all the way around my head, so it was one of the easiest hairstyle I’ve ever worn," she continued.

"[I love a fishtail braid]It’s fashionable and I don’t have to be concentrating on it every two seconds, unless of course there is some humidity going on or it’s raining, that and my hair are not such a great combo!"

Hayden says her hair is naturally quite hard to tame. She will go for a loose up do or a high ponytail as her foolproof styles on bad hair days.

"I have naturally corkscrew curly hair which can be great but only for a little while but if one piece comes undone on that red carpet all you need is one bad picture and then you are in trouble," she giggled.

"I am all about easy and that's this style. After a while if you have been working in industry for years then you're just like ‘you know what – the easier the better'."

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