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Hayley Atwell: I love London Fashion Week

Hayley Atwell says this year's London Fashion Week was her "fashion coming out".

The British actress attended Sunday's Mulberry show alongside Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart, and says her first Fashion Week experience was an overwhelming one.

She recently revealed she is keen to become more involved in the style sphere, and is looking forward to learning more about clothes.

"It's only something I've recently really got into," she explained in an interview with

"I never get to explore fashion much in my day job, so this is sort of my fashion debut - my fashion coming out. I'm really enjoying myself."

Hayley has explained her novice knowledge when it comes to fashion shows. The 29-year-old star didn't realise designers show their pieces a year in advance.

"I have a confession to make," she said. "I didn't realise you guys work a year ahead, I was watching the show thinking 'Wow, the colours are so gorgeous and bright for winter - how nice,' I got until about half way through until I realised that actually it was a collection for summer year.

"I loved it all though, I was sitting two seats up from Kate Moss - I didn't realise it was her for a while, she was working this double denim look and I just thought she was a journalist."

Hayley would love to be the celebrity face of a well-known designer label. The gorgeous star would consider a specific beauty brand over everything else.

"God, I totally would," she said when asked if she'd like to be a campaign star.

"It'd have to be the right brand, but, maybe a beauty campaign - perhaps something like Lancôme."

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