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Hayley Williams: Make-up gives me confidence

Paramore’s Hayley Williams loves having “fun” by experimenting with different make-up looks.

The rocker is the latest face of MAC and has teamed up with the cosmetics giant to release a four-piece collection in her signature shade of orange. Hayley loves experimenting with different beauty looks and often tries to recreate the make-up of her favourite music icons.

“It’s all about being the most confident version of yourself,” she told British magazine Look when asked what make-up means to her. “You may feel confident today without a lick of make-up on, but tomorrow you might want Siouxsie Sioux brows or Gwen Stefani lips. To me, it’s just fun.”

The 24-year-old star is instantly recognisable due to her vividly-coloured locks. Hayley has revealed her true hair colour is a much less vibrant shade than the flame-coloured style she is known for.

“It’s sort of a light brown,” she explained when asked to describe her natural hair colour. “I managed to get back to it for the time in years last spring. Then, the first chance I got, I turned it bright yellow.”

Hayley’s collection with MAC will be available later this month.

She recently explained her decision to create pieces in a citrus hue.

“Orange was it for me from picking up the eye shadow when I was 17,” she said. “It’s not a natural colour, but when I wear it, people say, ‘It looks normal on you!’ It matches my soul.”

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