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Hayley Williams proud of body art

Hayley Williams is proud of her body art and admits she's "tatted up, bro!"

The Paramore star revealed her passion for body art, which has seen her have eight tattoos done.

The quirky musician says she can list off exactly what she has had done and where as she's proud of all her ink work.

"I've got a razor on my ankle that says 'shave me', a cloud behind my ear that says 'Warped', a cross on my thigh, 'TCB' on my left elbow, the Paramore bars on my wrist, a Johnny Mercer lyric on my wrist, flowers on my hip and I just got a hand holding an envelope on my thigh," she told NME magazine. "I'm tatted up, bro!"

The bright coloured hair and unusual make-up are part of Hayley's signature look. She has also sported some memorable outfits, most notably one of which is displayed in the Cleveland, Ohio Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. While this is an ensemble she is happy to boast about, Hayley is less keen to talk about the outfit she wears in Guitar Hero World Tour in which she appears as a playable character.

"[My dress on display] is the dress from 'Emergency' and it cost me like, 10 bucks," she smiled. "Oh, god [I can't remember what my T-shirt says in Guitar Hero] I was like a foetus when I did that. Ah, man!"

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