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Heather Graham: '50s style is very cool

Heather Graham loves nothing better than "wearing dramatic red lipstick".

The 43-year-old actress stars in a TV movie adaptation of V.C. Andrews' book Flowers in the Attic, about children who are hidden in the top room of a house.

The story is set in the '50s and Heather relished the opportunity to dress the part.

"It was very cool to dress like that; I love wearing dramatic red lipstick and just having your hair done. [In those days] you wouldn't just get out of bed, brush your hair, and go out. You would not leave your house unless your hair was set," she told

It was a dark role, but Heather relished that as she is tired of seeing only men get the fun on screen.

She has been promoting the film a lot and has stunned with her chic and polished appearance. Earlier this week she looked younger than her years as she showed off her lean legs in a pair of black shorts at New York's JFK airport. She teamed them with a red jumper and wore tights underneath, as well as a pair of on-trend biker boots.

The star has previously insisted her youthful look is the result of the good care she takes of her body. She is pleased to have ditched the poor eating habits which plagued her when she was younger.

"I used to be terrible and basically only ate frozen yoghurt, but I'm very healthy now. I do yoga and meditate. I think a lot of it is feeling good about yourself," she said.

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