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Heather Graham: Sweating can be sexy

Heather Graham says being sexy comes from feeling good on the inside.

The Hollywood actress says the key to radiating beauty is to feel good from inside.

Although designer attire makes her feel great on the red carpet, she also feels attractive when she's stepped out of the gym, as she feels so invigorated.

"I do [like clothes that make me feel sexy]," she explained in British magazine Look. "Well, it's all about how you feel inside. I mean, I feel great after I do yoga, when I'm all sweating and have frizzy hair sticking out."

The 43-year-old star is famed for her svelte figure and regularly garners praise for her red carpet looks. Heather has been showing off her fashion credentials in a series of stunning outfits to promote her newest movie The Hangover Part III recently, but says she can't take all the credit for her sartorial choices.

"I like having other people's help [with my style] but I do like just to feel good about myself. I like it when clothes make you feel better about yourself," she smiled.

Heather also revealed her ultimate beauty secret. The blonde star isn't shy about indulging herself with a range of treatments.

"I totally pamper myself - I get a massage once a week and have acupuncture. It's like super-pampering. And then I get a lot of sleep," she explained.

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