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Heidi Montag has body envy

Heidi Montag wishes she could be as "muscular and toned" as Jessica Biel.

The reality TV star underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in a day in 2010 but recently had her F-cup breast implants reduced to a C.

While Heidi might be happy to go under the knife, her body inspiration is Jessica who has a very natural look.

"I think Jessica Biel has the perfect body - she's so muscular, toned, healthy and athletic. I think she has a great body," she gushed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

Despite her many plastic surgery procedures Heidi admits she's still "working on" loving her whole body.

The 27-year-old believes there is far too much pressure in Hollywood for girls to look a certain way.

"Definitely. There's a lot of judgement, hatred and criticism," she said.

"If you're a little bit overweight, then you're criticised for it, but you also decide whether you're going to let yourself be pressurised by it. It's a matter of not listening to that and not reading comments and staying strong about who you are."

Heidi usually works out every day, but can't currently hit the gym as she is still recovering from her breast reduction.

She can't wait to get back into exercise as she wants to be more "toned and muscular".

The star tries to eat healthily but allows herself the odd bit of comfort food too.

"I love macaroni and cheese, warm chocolate chip cookies, banana bread muffins, bread and wine. Kind of everything is my comfort food. I love it all!" she laughed.

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