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Helen McCrory: I hated conventional clothes

Helen McCrory is "appalled" by people spending lots of money on fashion.

The British actress, and wife of actor Damian Lewis, isn't afraid to experiment with her style while in the spotlight.

Recalling her approach to clothes back in the day, Helen admits she didn't care much for luxury pieces.

"I was never really interested in fashion when I was young. I was very angry as a teenager, always going on student marches against the poll tax and falling in love with punks," she recalled fondly to British newspaper Metro. "I would never be shackled down by anything so conventional as something shop-bought; I'd be customising my own T-shirts instead.

"And I've never really understood spending a lot of money on clothes. I'm always appalled when I hear someone has spent two weeks' salary on a purse."

Things seem to have changed over the years and the 45-year-old star now pulls off stunning gowns on the red carpet graciously. Helen has finally discovered what a confidence boost clothes can give a person when you feel comfortable in the outfit, as well as making you look top notch.

"Having said that, I do love putting on beautiful dresses," she smiled. "Once you put those clothes on you realise what an amazing transformation they do to your body. They aren't going to make you look like a supermodel but they will make you look your best.

"From Oscar de la Renta to Dior, I've been so lucky; I've worn so many beautiful clothes."

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