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Helen Mirren: Bring hats back!

Helen Mirren couldn't possibly pick a favourite out of all the amazing hats she wore as Hedda Hopper in Trumbo.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Helen Mirren finds it extremely sad that people no longer wear hats, so was thrilled to play a character obsessed with them in Trumbo.

The actress takes on the role of journalist Hedda Hopper in the biographical drama about screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who became the target of a smear campaign due to his communist beliefs.

Helen's costumes brought some light relief to the movie, particularly her extravagant headpieces. The 70-year-old star thoroughly embraced her character's flamboyant dress sense.

"I can't remember now; I loved all of them," she smiled when asked about her favourite hat at the Trumbo press conference during London Film Festival. "I love hats. Actually, it's been a great sadness in my life that hats became something that people don't wear anymore. I loved every single one and my costumes in general were just such a laugh, our costume designer was brilliant. A lot of them were original vintage pieces. But yeah, what fun to get to wear hats in a film!"

While Helen is fully onboard with using clothes to express herself, she hesitates when it comes to Hollywood's beauty ideal. Rather than focusing on the outside, she wants people to be taken as a whole package.

"I don’t really like the word 'beauty'. There are physically beautiful people in the world (David Beckham, for instance, is unbelievably beautiful), then there are other people that are not beautiful, but are very attractive because of their personality, energy, brilliance, genius: all kinds of things," she explained to Mail Online recently.

"So I have a resistance to the word 'beautiful'. I wish we could find another word that takes it away from physical beauty and brings it more into the world of true attractiveness."

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